Academic Journal of Law and Management
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Academic Journal of Law and Management
Aims And Scope - European Journal of Law and Management (EJLM)  

Aims and Scope

The aim of European Journal of Law and Management (EJLM)® is to report original academic research of significance in the area of law and management and to disseminate knowledge to a wide audience through proper evaluation of the results or findings.

European Journal of Law and Management (EJLM)® covers all areas of law and management. We cover all areas of law including but not limited to Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Civil or Common Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Constitutional Law, Property laws, Commercial Law, Corporate and Insolvency Law, Banking and Finance Law, Insurance Law, Taxation Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law and Dispute Resolution, European Law, Energy Law, Oil & Gas Law, Media Law, Medical Law and Ethics, Maritime and Shipping Law, Public Law, Employment and Industrial law and Entertainment Law.

Similarly, we cover all areas of management including but not limited to Business Management, International Business Management, Financial Management, Investment and wealth Management, Actuarial Management, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership and Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Events Management, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Education Leadership and Management, Creative Industries Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Environmental Management and Information Management.

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